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About Us

More than 1000 unique customers

Active in 55(+) countries

50% of revenue in export

Over 7.000 fogggers built

Veugen Technology BV is a proud family-run business specialised in professional hygiene solutions and fogging techniques.

We are happy to help you with any questions or problems regarding industrial hygiene or fogging. A lot has changed since the start of our company in 1988, but our goal remains unchanged: helping organisations by providing hygiene solutions and by developing fogging techniques which continue to yield better results every time.

All of our hundreds of products, thousands of components and trustworthy service can be traced back to these goals.

Our founding history as an agricultural company provides us with strong ties in agriculture and the food industry. They remain our most important sectors, and we know them inside out. Our sister company Veugen High Care BV carries out contract work to disinfect stables and company areas. This allows us to fully experience real life disinfection situations, shows us what kind of problems may occur, and the lessons we learn from them make our machines and products better.

When contacting our company you will receive service like we like to receive it. High quality products and trustworthy support, from first contact to aftersales. Our honest and expert advice, combined with products that work better, more effective, less wasteful, user-friendlier and/or cheaper, keeps our customers coming back for over 30 years.

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Company history

1989: Frans Veugen founds the company as a side business of his poultry farm. He acquires the imports rights from Pulsfog and starts selling cleaning and disinfection agents
1994: The first electric Powerfogger fogging machine is launched
1997: A new business establishment is being built on the Pannenweg in Nederweert. The company is no longer a side activity
2000: Launch of the first Ultrafogger: an electric fogger using ultrasone soundwaves to create mist
2004: The business on the Pannenweg is expanded with a new wing
2005: The first of Frans’ three sons, Rob Veugen, joins the company
2006: Paul Veugen joins the company
2007: Launch of our private labels Desbest and Cleanbest for cleaning and disinfection agents
2008: Jos Veugen joins the company
2008: A droplet size measurement kit enables us to test our foggers even more precisely
2010: Frans Veugen retires and transfers the company to his three sons
2016: Launch of the innovative potato fogger Synofog
2018: The Synofog is patented
2019: After a year of construction, we move into our new business establishment on the Platinastraat in Nederweert
2023: After more than 30 years it is time for the next step. Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiene BV will continue under the name Veugen Technology.

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