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Potato storage

Veugen Technology BV’s foggers can be used for optimum storage of all types of potatoes; for storage sheds (small/large), for seed potatoes or for consumption potatoes. The method to keep potatoes better is also called potato gassing.

We recommend the below misting equipment for potato storage:
Halofog P9
Powerfogger P60
Synofog – 48th place at the SME Innovation Price 2017



Which fogger is ideal for me?

Which nebulisers best suit your situation depends on a number of factors.
Nebulisers differ in several areas. We will be happy to advise you on the right equipment and procedure. Below is a brief explanation.

Electric, thermal or thermal-electric

Choosing between an electric nebuliser or a thermal nebuliser means choosing on two levels. First, a choice of the type of sprout inhibitor; water- or oil-based. Thermal foggers atomise oil-based sprout inhibitors best. An electric fogger atomises water-based sprout inhibitors best.
The second choice determines the control of the device; electric or fuel-based.
Where a thermal fogger needs to be filled with a fuel, an electric fogger can simply be plugged into a wall socket.



Fogging interval and automatisation

The Synofog can handle a large capacity and can completely fog a shed during a working day. The Halofog P9 also has huge capacity and is expandable as long as the compressed air capacity is sufficient. Its large capacity allows a longer period between treatments. In turn, the Powerfogger P60 has a fully automated misting programme and uses the internal ventilation (of the storage shed) to optimally disperse the sprout inhibitors. The Potatofogger has a smaller capacity than the above models but is easy to automate. This makes it easy to carry out a smaller treatment every week. And fewer large quantities of sprout inhibitor are used at once.

Small droplets

Droplet size is a property of nebulising equipment that is extremely important and also misunderstood. The size of a droplet, which is measured in its cross-section in micrometres (microns), largely determines how well the distribution and penetration of the spray is.

A smaller droplet is a light droplet and therefore easier to move in the airflow. The droplet size is an average value. This means that half of the droplets are larger than the mean value and the other half are smaller than the mean.
This value says nothing about dispersion. In potato storage, droplet size is important. The small number of millilitres per tonne that can be sprayed requires an optimal distribution with the smallest possible droplet that gives the least possible precipitation. Both our own measuring equipment and measurements by independent institutes show that our foggers score well in terms of minute droplets.

The droplet size per fogger is:.

Synofog: 1 micron.
Potatofog: 5 – 10 micron.
Halofog P9: 16 micron
Powerfogger P60: 19 micron

Droplet Size Measurement Synofog1H 14Sight

The image above shows the droplet measurement of the Synofog 1H, using the sprout inhibitor 1,4 Sight.

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Need advice on potato storage or sprout inhibition?
Do you have questions about which misting technique or method will provide the best results in your situation? Contact us for tailor-made advice.

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