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Dairy farming

Total Package

With over 1000 different items in the assortment, we can provide all supplies in the areas of:

  •  Cleaning
  •  Disinfectants
  •  Disinsection
  •  Deratisation
  •  Fogging Equipment
  •  Pesticides
  •  Personal protective equipment
  •  Hygiene articles, brushes
  •  Veterinary products
  •  Dosing systems
  •  Battery sprayer

The experience and practical knowledge of our representatives in the field of hygiene in the industry translate into customer-focused and practical solutions that takes hygiene in a dairy farm to a new level.

Hoof Care

Hoof hygiene is easy when made easy. With foot baths or spray you can fight against diseases. Hoof care products such as hoof boots are also available.

Udder Care

For each process and situation a suitable solution. Whether it’s pre-treatment with a nourishing and cleansing effect, udder cloths or paper, or when it comes to the udder care, with the best dip for robot or machine, high or low germ pressure for summer or winter. Everything is available, so let us advise you.

Health cow and calf

A healthy selection of products for the health of cow and calf. All major products for health and fitness, calf diarrhea, deworming and fly control as well as:

  •  Vitamins
  •  Mineral Blocks
  •  Lubricant
  •  Placenta capsules
  •  Food Diarrhea

Milking machine cleaning – Cleanbest – Desbest

A complete range of milking machines cleaners for all types of pollution is in stock.

What is best, Acid or alkaline cleaning? Get advice on the best method for your situation. The best cleaning agents and disinfectants, have been chosen for you under the names: Cleanbest and Desbest.

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