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Sprout inhibition

In order for potatoes to keep longer and to preserve their quality, effective sprout inhibition or dormancy is required. Many factors contribute to effective treatment using the available sprout inhibitors: the design of the storeroom, the ventilation system, the variety of potato and the condition of the potatoes.

The sprout inhibitors each have their own characteristics. This can help determine which fogging system is best suited to your situation.
The droplet size of the fog plays a crucial role in the distribution of the sprout inhibitors. A smaller droplet is a lighter droplet and can therefore be more easily distributed by airflow. A smaller droplet also filters through into the potato heap more easily in the storeroom. If the air speed is too slow, the fog can accumulate, which can ultimately damage the potatoes. It is therefore important to distribute the fog evenly using powerful fans in the storeroom. The fog can either be applied from behind the heap or in the press, but both methods require effective monitoring. If the fog is not distributed effectively, a peak in the concentration may arise, which can damage the potatoes.
Depending on the general condition, type of storage, potato variety and the storage temperature, subsequent treatments are applied. It is important to regularly check potatoes for sprouts.

We have successfully developed a range of foggers suitable for sprout inhibition. They have various capabilities, sizes and degrees of automation. As a result, a fogger can be a fantastic, affordable solution for any type of potato storage, be it very small or very large. They all stand out due to their simple operation, robust design and high level of safety. They have already proven themselves among many potato growers.

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