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Hygiene sluices

We also offer all supplies needed for furnishing hygiene sluices. From dispensers to paper to dry hands and boots. Everything has been selected for safety and efficiency. Not all of these products are currently on the website, so contact us for personal advise about routing or a made-to-measure sluice hygiene package.

We offer the following certified products and brands:

  • Desinfection of hands: Instantfoam
  • Desinfection/cleansing: Oxybac
  • Dispensors for showering: Deb Hair and body
  • Paper towels, fold towels: Satino
  • Gloves: Nitril
  • Sanitary cleaners: Eco
  • Desinfection boots (treadless, no ridges for dirt to get into), feeding boots
  • Overshoes
  • Disposable work coats
  • Desinfecting containers and rugs

The benefits

  • Advice and routing made-to-measure
  • Large assortment
  • Certified products
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