Dosing systems

Professional dishwashers must be dosed correctly. Also, the washer must always function under any circumstances, be duarable, and if possible: look neatly. We use high quality dosing systems which last a long time. To hold true to this promise, at least once a year our service team comes by to do maintenance on the machine. We also like to think about placement and appeal. Our dosing systems come standard equipped with a reporting system that indicates when you’ve run out of cleaning agents. Another system reports the amount of washings that have been done. Last but not least, an sensor measures wether the soap dosage is right, for an uniform result and low costs. Dosing systems are not cheap, so we have them for hire instead.

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Healthcare laws

Employees must be able to work in a safe and healthy environment. Our concept is a close match to the Dutch Arbowet: high concentration cleaning agents are packed in safe bag-in-boxes.

Safety closures: Very concentrated detergents aren’t completely safe to touch. That’s why our dosing pumps have safety closures. Open the closure and another compartment closes, sealing off the liquid from your skin. No more spillage or too tightly turned lids.

Colour coding: Our system uses a very clear colour code. Red goes by red and blue by blue. No mistakes can be made.

24 hour service

Even the best machines sometimes stop working. The most important thing for you is that problems get fixed soon. We have a 24/7 service line in order to tackle problems as soon as possible. It is included in every dosing system deal. The number is on the dosing pump and on the other side of the line will be an experienced repairman that can fix your problem.


Kitchen hygiene is very important. There’s lots of legal requirements to keep track of. We have trained professionals that can give you the right kind of hygiene advice. They can set up a hygiene plan for you, free of cost. HACCP is an online tool for hygiene check-off lists, product information, hygiene instructions etc. With a tablet in hand we inventorize all the objects that need regular cleaning. HACCP then generates a complete hygiene plan. With the plan we can give personalized training on hygiene, safety and climate awareness.

Benefits of our hygiene plans

  • Good prices
  • One supplier for all your hygiene needs
  • One contact
  • Fast and direct delivery
  • Personal advice

The prices of dishwasher products are often incomparable, because every producer has their own compositions. We like to help you out and check how you can cut costs.


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