Frost protection

The Pulsfog fogging machines are used to protect young crops and blossoms against night-frost.

The fog from the Pulsfog forms a blanket above the plants on those crucial hours before sunrise on cold spring days. The remaining heat is trapped underneath the fog blanket, protecting the buds from the freezing air.

In the video below, you can see a demonstration of this technique at one of our client’s vineyard. This client currently uses 8 Pulsfog K40s to patrol the grounds during cold spring nights. The Pulsfogs are specially outfitted on rotating platforms on trailers, which are pulled by cars.

This technique is especially useful for fruit growers with higher crops and at orchards, as the mist can settle between the trees. But this technique can also be used on fields, as this farmer, who has mounted his Pulsfog on a tractor, proves.

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