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the authority in the field of fogging equipment and hygiene solutions For years on end

We are specialists in fogging equipment & hygiene. We have mastered five different room fogging techniques. This way, we can always offer a technique that is suitable for your business situation. With our customer-oriented approach, we are able to adapt the machines to your wishes.

We are also continuously improving our existing machines, developing new machines and improving techniques to meet the needs of our customers. This development is done in cooperation with universities, drop size measurements, engineering, production and assembly.
We are the only supplier of fogging equipment that can perform drop size measurements ourselves. By bringing this technology in-house, we guarantee the highest quality fogging equipment.


We are Specialised in

  • The development and production of fogging equipment
  • Advising on and sales of cleaning and disinfecting detergents in the following industries: Agricultural, Horticultural, Food, Transportation, Health care.
  • Providing disinfection teams and equipment in numerous situations (see Veugen High Care)

With Veugen HighCare we offer
services in the field of
space disinfections.

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