Food processing industry

Veugen Technology BV has been a leader in professional hygiene for years. With the experience and insights in the daily operations we can provide you with a complete range of hygiene solutions. You set high standards on hygiene and for the products that you work with. Those products are already selected for you, by us. Extensive knowledge of the products and our client-oriented approach make for an excellect range of products and services. This is what we call: Disinfecting made easy.

Clean hands

Hygiene of hands is human work. Good soap alone is not enough. Good hand hygiene takes products that are easy to use, durable and avoid mistakes. Being aware of good hygiene and washing your hands the right way takes training, and that’s a service we like to povide. You don’t buy soap, you buy clean and hygienic hands.


A complete range of cleaning detergents for every type of soiling, every material and every method: available directly from our stock. This also includes the right advice on dosage, equipment and procedure. Cleaning of rooms, work tables, materials, machines or CIP installations. We have selected the best cleaning detergents for each situation under the name: Cleanbest.


The extensive knowledge and experience in the field of disinfection are nowhere else so easily available to you. Disinfectants with many different properties to offer the best for your situation. All these agents have the mandatory, recognized authorization of the CTGB. The best disinfectants under the name: Desbest.
Automatic disinfection by means of nebulisation. Customised fogging equipment to ensure that all bacteria, viruses and moulds in all corners and cracks are combated.

Hygiene sluices

We also sell all supplies needed for furnishing hygiene sluices. From dispensers to paper to dry hands and boots. Everything has been selected for safety and efficiency. Not all of these products are currently on the website, so contact us for personal advise about routing or a made-to-measure hygiene sluice package. Take a look at our page about hygiene sluices for an overview.

Powerfogger V60

You can see a video of the Powerfogger V60 below. This video shows the ease with which a food processing area can be disinfected.

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Veugen Technology proudly presents the Halofog fogging system – an advanced solution for effective and efficient disinfection of process areas.

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