Powerful fogger for spaces over 100 meters long

Complete treatment from 1 spot (100+ meter)

The Powerfogger 100 is the powerhouse of the Powerfogger range. The reliable technology of the vacuum pump is combined with an enormously powerful fan, which can transport the fine mist of the Powerfogger over a length of more than 100 metres.

The fully automatic programme of the Powerfogger 100 ensures that room treatment can be carried out easily and quickly, without interruptions. All parameters in the programme can be set as desired for a perfect configuration that suits your rooms. That makes this machine suitable for poultry farming. The Powerfogger 100 is also suitable for mushroom cultivation.

Below are a number of videos showing the Powerfogger in operation, for example at Pluimveebedrijf Leenders V.O.F. They use the Powerfogger with complete satisfaction.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Large areas can be treated from 1 spot
  • Easy to use – fully automated system
  • Very little labour time compared to manual disinfection
  • Suitable for all products

More information?

Rob Veugen

General Director
+31 495 460 188
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The machine is satisfactory and meets expectations. The benefit is that we can be flexible, because we have multiple stables. For example: when one stable is clean, we can already start disinfecting with the Powerfogger there.

Ron Teeuwen

Terap BV, Netherlands (Poultry, layer farm)
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