The Ultrafogger is the perfect fogger for fog treatments in areas as;

  • Hospitals
  • Living quarters
  • Goods sluice

Because the fog is produced by ultrasonically vibrating plates the Ultrafogger is completely silent and can be used in areas where excessive noise is not wanted. This fogging technique produces the smallest possible droplets, which are able to penetrate hard to reach areas.

The Ultrafogger is frequently used for hatching egg disinfection. It is then combines with Desbest 400 (Hydrogen peroxide peracetic acid) and can be used for disinfecting hatching eggs on a daily basis. Resulting in lower mortality rates, better hatching rates and better results with the chicks.

The Ultrafogger series consists of two basic models. The first model is stationary and functional, without many extras. The other model is mobile and has a sleek stainless steel housing. For locations and situations in which the machine comes in contact with clients or customers.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Smallest possible droplet size
  • Operates in silence
  • No compressed air needed

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