A safe and clean lorry with one press of a button

Cross contamination is an important source of infection at agri-food transport. Not only the load, but also the wheels are a hidden source of infestations. As a transporter you therefore ensure good hygiene of your lorry

But cleaning the wheels and the trailer by hand after every destination results in a lot of hold-up. The Wheel Disinfection Unit provides the solution to this by automating the process. A nozzle is placed at all wheels. These are connected to a central tank with disinfectant.

The WDU can be activated from the drivers seat and can be used while on the road to disinfect the wheels. Installing the WDU is a small operation. The unit is carefully tucked under the chassis in the included safe box. The WDU is a perfect match with the Truck Disinfection Unit, which disinfects the inside of the trailer. With the both of them, you have a total disinfection within hand’s reach.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Automatic disinfection with one press of the button
  • Always sure of a perfect disinfection
  • Distinguish yourself from other transporters

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