Starpaper chick paper, the best choice for a good start

Chick paper is a means to support young chicks in their first days of life. You place the paper under the drinking line, and chicks will be naturally attracted to it. It promotes better weight gain and lower mortality rate. Chick paper is easy to place and biodegradable. The chick paper is 68 cm (2 ft 2 in) wide and 2.20 meters (240,59 yards) long. Chick paper is an essential product for the professional broiler farmer.

Premium quality, for a low price.

100% Biodegradable. Does not tear during unrolling. Green paper is proven to be more effective. 68 cm (2 ft 2 in) wide.

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Advantages of poultry paper

  • Better weight gain in the first 7 days
  • Rustling poultry paper leads to better spread of the chicks throughout the chicken house
  • Strongly absorbent
  • Larger uniformity due to a warmer underground
  • Better isolation results in lower mortality rates
  • Biodegradable, less labor-intensive
  • Easy to handle

Stimulating exploring chicks

Chick paper HEAVY (6 – 7 days) stimulates the chick to explore for food and water. When the chicks walk over the poultry paper, the rustling sound of the poultry paper draws the attention of other chicks. Because the chick paper is placed underneath the food and water, the chicks have easy and fast access to their important first needs in the critical first hours.

Biodegradable paper

Our Chick Paper is 100% biodegradable paper. This makes life easier for the farmer, who does not have to worry about removing the paper from the stable.

A well-known technique is to secure the paper on a drinking line and a feed line in the shape of the letter U. This wall of paper makes sure the chicks will stay close to the drink and feed lines for the first few days. The HEAVY paper can keep the weight up for longer,

If you want to put feed on the paper two or three times you can choose the heavy paper. This will not degrade for 6 to 7 days. If you only want to feed the chicks on paper once, you may choose the normal chick paper.

Customised chick paper is also available. These will be cut to size, according to your poultry stable. Please contact us for a quote.


The benefits

  • Better weight gain
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Better spread of the chicks

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