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Fog more and better in less time

Fog more and better in less time

The Halofog has huge fog capacity, while maintaining a very small droplet size. With the use of compressed air, the capacity can be ramped up easily. The Halofog can be configured completely to your needs with a choice of tank size, number of nozzles, manual or automatic controls. Both mobile units as completely integrated fogging systems belong to the possibilities. The Halofog is suited for fogging temperature sensitive crop protection solutions as well as strongly corrosive disinfectants. Due to the use of compressed air, the Halofog is very reliable and maintenance friendly.

Take a look at our case of halofogs in a rose nursery
halofogs in a rose nursery .

Cold fogging or Thermal Fogging

In the horticulture business the techniques cold fogging and thermal fogging are popular. The Halofog uses the latter technique. Want to know which technique is better for you? The differences between fogging and LVM.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Huge fog capacity
  • Small droplet size for wider range
  • Low maintenance


More information?

“We use the Halofog for crop protection on cucumbers. We don’t have a regular schedule of use but rather use it on demand. The fogger is very easy for utilisation and we would definitely recommend it to other growers. We haven’t run into any problem yet.” After purchasing their Halofog in 2016, Serres Toundra expanded with a second Halofog in 2020.

Eric Dube

Serres Toundra, St. Felicien, Canada (Greenhouse cucumbers)
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