The best handheld fogging device for vaccintion, disinfection and area treatment

Versatile handheld fogger

The Turbofogger is an electric ULV fogging device. The turbine engine combined with a venturi nozzle produce a fine mist, suited for disinfection, vaccination, pest control or other area treatments by dispersing aerosols. Due to its compact design the Turbofogger can be used in various of enviroments, from small compartments to larger production halls. Made from stainless steel and viton, the Turbofogger is able to fog almost any fluid. Therefore the Turbofogger is the go-to fogging device in the poultry industry, food processing, horticulture and pest control.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Professional grade fogger
  • Suited for highly corrosive chemicals
  • Exchangable nozzle for versitile use

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